A New Story, Collecting the Uncollected, and Bundles of Fun

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I love writing for the Uncollected Anthology because it forces me to exercise my urban fantasy chops. I had let them atrophy over the years for a variety of reasons too complicated to go into right now. I promised myself that if I had a fantasy series that fit the theme of the Uncollected, I’d write in the series. So when Spells Gone Awry came up, I thought first of Winston & Ruby, then realized I’d done a number of stories about spells going awry there. (In fact, you could say the entire series is about spells going awry.) What rose in my mind next was Abracadabra Inc.

I’d been meaning to get back to Abracadabra Inc. for almost a decade now. I had always put it off, knowing there were a lot of stories to tell in that world, and feeling overwhelmed. So I dipped my toe back into the water with “Disrupt Magic.” Which, of course, opened a floodgate. I’m doing a few other Abracadabra Inc related things, which I’ll tell you about when they’re finished. If you want to sample Abracadabra Inc, you have until Monday at noon PDT to read one of the stories for free. “The Assassin’s Dagger” was my Free Fiction story last Monday, and it’ll leave website this Monday. So click on over right now, before the story vanishes.

A lot of you complained that we didn’t collect the Uncollected which, honestly, was impossible to do (in a viable way for us) when the Uncollected started years ago. Now, though, with the advent of BundleRabbit, we have started collecting the Uncollected. You can buy the entire anthology here, or you can pick up individual stories by clicking on the images here.

Since I already sent you to poke around BundleRabbit, please check out some of the other short story bundles I’m in. In the past, I told you about Fantasy In The City, Witches Brew, and Haunted. The most recent bundle I’m part of, along with 19 other authors is The Faerie Summer Bundle. Like the previous three bundles, this one was curated by Jamie Ferguson. Lots of great stories here, both standalone and in some series. My story in this bundle is a personal favorite of mine, “Flower Fairies.” It’s one of those rare stories that came fully formed in a dream.

T. Thorn Coyle did a video for the bundle, which shows you the covers for all the stories. Rather than reading a list of the stories inside the volume, take a few seconds and watch. I hope that inspires you to order a copy.

Finally, let me remind you that you only have a few days to get the Write Stuff Bundle 2017. Lots of great writing advice from wonderful writers. There’s also some pretty spectacular extras, like a full lecture from WMG’s Lecture series, this one on plot, given by Dean Wesley Smith. Plus you can get money off Jutoh.

The Write Stuff Bundle covers everything a writer needs to know, from managing a career to learning craft to figuring out indie publishing. The bundle goes away forever on May 10, though, so get yours now.

Well…get it after you watch this video. Then head over to BundleRabbit and Storybundle. After that, you’ll be ready for summer, with enough beach reading to last you until June, anyway. 🙂



6 thoughts on “A New Story, Collecting the Uncollected, and Bundles of Fun

  1. I emjoyed The Assassin’s Dagger so much I went straight to the BundleRabbit site,to read the next one, also a great story. Really love getting all of the Uncollected Anthology at BundleRabbit in one volume! This one has 8 stories so a particularly great deal. Thanks again for collecting the Uncollected!

  2. Is there a list somewhere of Seavy Village stories (especially the Winston stories)? I’d love to make sure I’ve got them all. 🙂

  3. This post led me to “Disrupt Magic” (a link might be good) which led me to “The War and After.” Holy smokes! Those are some very impressive stories!

    1. Whoops! I thought I had included the link. Because I’m not on the right computer to link to the Uncollected Page with all of the different links, I just used Amazon. But you can also go to the Uncollected Page (listed below) and click on the Books 2 Read symbol to see all the places you can order from. Thanks for the heads up and the kind words!

      1. Do you have any more books in the tone of “The War and After”? Those really are knock-my-socks-off good!

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