The Moon in June

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I’m particularly fond of June. I entered the world in June many decades ago, and as a result, I feel like it’s my month. I think I’d like the month even without the personal resonance: June contains the longest days of the year (in my hemisphere, at least) and, in the Pacific Northwest, is the beginning of our clearest, most rainfree season. Which means here on the Oregon Coast, we can see stars over the ocean, and the moon, almost every night.

I always stop and look at the Moon. I love it so much that I write an entire series of books set on the Moon. My Retrieval Artist series is 15 books strong, but the first eight or so standalone. So if you haven’t tried the series, now’s the time to give it a glance. One of the most acclaimed books in the series, The Recovery Man, is part of a bundle. You can get it as one of five books for five dollars or ten books for fifteen. And, if you’re so inclined, you can donate a few dollars to AbleGamers, a great charity that helps people with disabilities join the gaming community, giving folks who are restricted in their ability to socialize a great way to engage with their communities.

There are some amazing books in this bundle by great writers. Annie Reed, Lisa Silverthorne, M.L. Buchman, Kevin J. Anderson, Blaze Ward, Maggie Jamieson, and Ron Collins join me and Dean in the bundle. Plus, you get the Fiction River volume that gave Dean the idea for the bundle. This is the perfect way to fill your ereader with summer reading…which you can enjoy under the stars. And beneath that Moon, in June.

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