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If you’ve never tried the Diving series or if you haven’t yet sampled my Kristine Grayson Fates series or if you always wanted to try Fiction River, but never had time or if you like the stories you’ve read from the Uncollected Anthology and want to read more of them, then do I have a deal for you. (Imagine me twisting a handlebar mustache here.)

When I saw the cover for the collected Uncollected Anthology Year 1, it sparked an idea. I love doing Storybundles, as you can probably tell, because they introduce readers to writers they haven’t tried yet, and do so at a good price.  In July, all the magazines and blogs have binge-watching special issues, telling you what TV shows to stream. What about binge reading? July, it seems to me, is one of those months when all you want to do (all I want to do) is curl up with a good book, whether on a beach (here in the Northern Hemisphere) or under a toasty blanket (there on the Southern Hemisphere).

So, about the same time we collected the Uncollected, Allyson Longueira at WMG Publishing began creating bundles from the first 3 books of WMG’s major series. And I thought, Voila! What about a bundle of bundles? It’d be a binge reader’s special.

Of course, it had to include the Uncollected Anthology Year 1, which has two of my short stories and a whole bunch of truly great short fiction from some of my favorite authors. It also had to include the Fairy Summer bundle because fairies! Summer! and even more of my favorite writers.

I asked Dean (Dean Wesley Smith, my hubby) for his Thunder Mountain starter kit because readers of my Recommended Reading List know that I love that series. And then I rounded out the bundle of bundles, the binge readers special, with even more marvelous books from spectacular writers.

If you like sf, you’ll get Blaze Ward’s Science Officer Omnibus. If you like pure quill fantasy, you’ll get the first 3 books in Anthea Sharp’s Feyguard series. If you like a little peanut butter with your chocolate…I mean if you like other genres mixed with your science fiction or fantasy, then the boxed set of Thomas Carpenter’s Digital Sea and the first three books of Mindy Klasky’s Washington Witches series are for you.

Honestly, there are so many books and stories in this bundle that even if you’re the world’s pickiest reader, you’ll find a series or a group of books that are perfect for you. You’ll be saving a bundle too, since these boxed sets and omnibuses and bundles all retail for at least $10 (ebook) and sometimes much more.

Oh…and if you’re so inclined…please toss in a few extra dollars to help AbleGamers. AbleGamers tailors game equipment and systems to help disabled gamers join the large online community of gaming, providing social outlets and entertainment for folks who usually struggle to participate. Since two of our book series deal with gaming in this bundle, I figured AbleGamers would be the appropriate charity to add on.

Here’s the catch—and you knew there was one, right? Whenever someone twists her imaginary mustache at you, there’s usually a catch. This bundle is only available until August 9. So click on over as fast as you can and indulge your binge-reading passion. Show those TV people how readers spend the summer. Reading. Fast. And a lot.




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  1. Had a lot of these, but happily bought the first level for the Uncollected Anthology first year! I only had Magic Motorcycles for some reason. And I had read and enjoyed your books (library) but didn’t own them. E-readers are dangerous. Great binge bundle! Love the Anthea Sharp series.

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