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I promised I’d let you all know when the next Diving novel, The Runabout, was available for preorder. You can now preorder the ebook on various platforms, and you can preorder the audiobook. You’ll either have to wait until September 22 to get your print copy or see if you can find a back issue of the May/June Asimov’s which has the entire novel inside.

I’m thrilled that this book is coming out soon in all formats. The novel is part of a longer sequence. I’m not writing them all at the same time like I did with the Retrieval Artist Anniversary Day Saga, because the sequence isn’t one long story. It’s a bunch of things. (You’ll see.) Just this month, I finished the next book in the Diving series—and it’s really long. (The Runabout is a shorter entry.) I also sold two novellas to Asimov’s, “The Return of the Renegat,” which is not in any novel (yet), and “Dix,” which is in the novel I just finished. Not to mention the 200,000 words I’ve written that are partial novels (the length of a modern novel is generally 90-100,000 words).

At this point, the rest of you usually ask about your favorite series. Yes, yes, I’m getting to them. In fact, I’ll be working on at least one of them as a palate cleanser in August. (And a new series, maybe, because it won’t leave my brain alone!!!!!…{Move along. Nothing to see here….}) There will be a new Nelscott book in October, and I’ll let you know when you can preorder that one. Oh, and French fans of Smokey Dalton! I just completed a deal with one of my old French publishers to reissue the Smokey books in French and to translate Street Justice for the first time. I’ll let you know when those become available.

And if you’ve never tried the Diving Series, now’s the time to do so. The first 3 books are bundled into a starter kit which is available for a ridiculously reduced price on Storybundle.com. That bundle of books is one of ten book bundles available for $15 (plus a donation to charity, if you want). You’ll get 19 novels and 100 short stories (or so) for that amount, by a bunch of great writers.

So…lots to read here, with more coming up. Enjoy!

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