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Because my life has been unbelievably hectic this past month or two, I wasn’t able to update you on my latest publications as I promised I would. I have had several—although not as many as I will have this fall.

So in no particular order, let me share the recent publications.


The latest Uncollected Anthology, Mystical Melodies,  hit the virtual stands last month. My new story, “At The Crossroads,” is an Abracadabra Inc story. Yes, when I start throwing off stories that means something longer will happen eventually. You can get this story, and stories by Leah Cutter, Annie Reed, Dayle A. Dermatis, Rebecca Senese, Stephanie Writt, Leslie Claire Walker, and our guest author Brigid Collins, if you pick up the bundle here. Or pick and choose which story you want by going here and reading about them. That’s the cool thing about the Uncollected Anthology: It’s not collected, so you can just grab the stories you want. (Although I’d go for all of them, if I were you.)

Then there’s Heart’s Kiss. I really enjoy this magazine. I’m happy to see a romance magazine again, and I love the old-fashioned covers. They’re a great deal of fun.

My story in Issue 4 is called “Research and The Research Librarian.” A whole bunch of things coalesced as I wrote it. Research from another project, and the way things used to be at the Chicago Public Library when I did some early Kris Nelscott research combined into this story. You can read it for free on the website or you can pick up the issue. (I’d recommend picking up the issue. I want this magazine to last.) Enjoy!

Here’s a super fun concept. Tom Easton & Judith K. Dial edited a book of very short science fiction stories for those moments when you only have a few minutes to read. They call the book Science Fiction For The Throne, and I think the outhouse on the cover gives you an idea which throne they mean. Weirdly, there’s not an ebook. Or maybe not so weird. I mean, who wants to hold their phone or tablet while on that particular throne? They’ve reprinted my story “Sing.” It joins stories by Brenda Cooper, Nancy Kress, Jo Walton, David Brin, Gregory Benford, Brendan DuBois, and many many more writers. I think you’ll have a lot of fun with this one.

On Tuesday, I told you about my upcoming Kris Nelscott book, which was—on Tuesday—called A Gym of Her Own. We have since changed the title. I will have a full blog about that next week. (If you want to read the blog early, subscribe to my Patreon page. You’ll find 3 posts you haven’t seen yet.) The new title is Protectors. Here’s the new cover.

If you want to read a short story about one of the main characters in Protectors, then pick up Fiction River Presents: Readers Choice. My Kris Nelscott story, “Combat Medic,” was one of ten stories as the best or most memorable stories of the first four years of Fiction River. I’m really pleased to be in this volume. I didn’t expect it. The other stories are truly memorable. You’ll find stories here from Ron Collins, Anthea Lawson, Lee Allred, Chrissy Wissler, Dory Crowe, Debbie Mumford, Laura Ware, Louisa Swann, and JC Andrijeski. Allyson Longueira did a great job putting all of this disparate stories together into a strong volume of fiction. You will find an ebook of this volume, as well as a paper copy.

And that’s it…for the moment. You’ll hear from me again later in the month. Until then, enjoy!


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  1. “Science Fiction for the Throne” looks great! But between my bad eyes and living overseas, I’ll have to wait for the ebook version. (Please give them a nudge!)

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