Thank You!

Those of you who’ve been coming to the website regularly have seen the Pulphouse Kickstarter countdown on the side of the page. That countdown is gone now, because the Kickstarter is over. We made our goal.

Oh, that’s such a silly way to put it. We crushed our goal. Thanks to your support, we made seven times what we asked for. Supporters not only get their subscription copies, they’ll get an Issue Zero, an extra issue on the subscription, and three anthologies.

They also get our thanks. Really, folks, we’re so grateful, we almost have no words. Well, I have no words. Dean did have something to say for all of us, and Gwyneth Gibby created a video out of them. Here you go. Enjoy! And thank you!!!!

One response to “Thank You!”

  1. camilleregan says:

    Your success makes me happy. So Well deserved!

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