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I have no idea how much an oodle is, but we’re going to assume it’s a great deal.

Anyone who comes to this website regularly knows how much I like holiday stories. I like them sweet and saccharine; I like them dark and murdery; I like them horrific and bloody. If a story has a holiday in it and the story is good, I’m there. That’s the writing equivalent of juggling with hockey sticks, as far as I’m concerned, and that’s why I do a Special Holiday Recommended Reading List every year. (This year’s went live November 24. Click here if you missed it.)

This year, I’m a bundle of holiday bundles, which sort of functions as its own recommended reading list.

The biggest bundle—and the one that allows you to donate to a charity as well—is the Christmas Cheer Bundle that Dean Wesley Smith curated. This bundle, courtesy of Storybundle, has everything holiday. I can’t say it’s everything Christmas, because Maggie Lynch contributed a book that has three holiday novellas, one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, and one for New Year’s.

The bundle contains Christmas ghosts, courtesy of J. Daniel Sawyer, and Fiction River. (I looove Christmas ghost stories, which is why I edited that volume.) The bundle has living breathing Santas in a variety of forms, including one really pretty one in my Kristine Grayson book, Dressed in Holiday Style. The bundle has time travel (Dean’s Melody Ridge and Joanna Pence’s Cook’s Curious Christmas), romance (M.L. Buchman), holiday stores (Mindy Klasky and Robert Jeschonek), even more short stories in A Very Merry Christmas Bundle (which contains some of the recommended short stories from my Special Holiday Recommended Reading List), and magic, of course. Lots of holiday magic.

This bundle runs through Christmas, but you want to pick this one up ASAP, so you can settle with your holiday eggnog and read while the winter winds whip outside. You can give a copy of the bundle to friends and family (in lieu of a holiday card, perhaps?)

You get four books for $5 or ten books for $15, plus whatever you want to add for our charity, AbleGamers. AbleGamers seems particularly appropriate at the holiday, because every kid abled or disabled wants to play at this time of year. AbleGamers helps disabled kids participate in the gaming community, just like everyone else. And that means so very much.

The other bundles are smaller, in that they are a gathering of short stories, not a gathering of books, books, and more books. Pay $3 to $5 per bundle (depending on the bundle).  And each one has one of my Christmas stories in them.

Rather than list all the details for each bundle, I’m just going to show you images. Go to BundleRabbit.com to find out more (or look on your favorite ebook site.)

So…lots of holiday reading. Better get to it…

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