Recommended Reading List: January, 2018

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Well…I’m writing this on January 26, 2018, and at the moment of this writing, I have nothing to recommend. That’s not because I’ve had a terrible reading month. I’ve had a terrible recommending month. Let me explain.

I line-edited two Fiction River volumes, both of which you’ll see later in the year. The current volume, Justice, which I edited, just appeared. (That was what I was working on last summer.) I’m also reading for two future Fiction River volumes of mine, plus the million or more words of fiction that I must read for the anthology workshop, which starts at the end of February.

My leisure reading, limited as it is, consisted (so far) of one romance novel, one chapter of a historical novel, and half of a second historical novel. The romance, while good, wasn’t good enough to recommend. I might finish the second historical novel by the end of the month. If I finish it, and I like it as much as I’m liking it at the moment, then you’ll see it listed below.

Note on January 31: I finished the second historical novel. It was a well-written pointless exercise in regurgitating history, which saddens me, since I like the author. Ah, well. So this, my friends, is a placeholder post,  letting you know I haven’t forgotten the recommended reading list. I just don’t have anything easily findable to recommend at the moment. I know. Weird, huh?

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