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When I wrote the first Winston & Ruby tale, I never expected those stories to become a series. And I certainly never expected that series to become one of my most popular. It seems whenever I feature one of the stories as a Free Fiction Monday piece, the others sell as well. Then I get The Question: When will you write another one? (As soon as I can. I promise.) And The Other Question: When will there be a Winston & Ruby collection?

Turns out, it was easier to put together a Winston & Ruby Collection, with the cover designed by the great Allyson Longueira of WMG Publishing, than it has been to find the time to write the next story. (I’m wrestling a big Diving series to the ground. Every now and then, that book sits on me, and I worry that I’m losing. But I’m getting there. I’m getting there….)

The collection is out. Called Familiarity, it contains all of the Winston & Ruby stories to date, plus an introduction. So you’ll have them all in one place and, bonus! You can get them in paper as well. Here’s the Amazon link to the paper version of the collection. You can also order a signed version North by Northwest Books.

And, if you want to support a brick-and-mortar bookstore, please check out our Kickstarter, which will help us remodel the store. You can get all kinds of paper books through the Kickstarter (and an ebook or two) as well as a nifty book bag and some deals on writing workshops. Kickstarter picked us as one of the projects they love, which is a special honor, so we’re really thrilled about that.

I know many of you prefer ebooks. And for the next three weeks, you can get Familiarity, along with nine other ebooks in a Storybundle. I curated the bundle. It’s called Sorcery & Steam, and it has some great books. Three other books, besides Familiarity, are brand new. In fact, two—one by Michelle Fox, and the other by Catherine Banks—are exclusive to the Storybundle. You can’t get those anywhere else.

The other brand new book in the Storybundle is Dayle A. Dermatis’s Ghosted, a book I personally have waited years to read. Those of you who like Fiction River will recognize Dayle’s character Nikki Ashburne, who stars in this book. And if you are one of those Fiction River fans, you will get a copy of Alchemy & Steam as part of the bundle.

That’s not the only Steampunk book in the bundle. You’ll find Steampunk favorite, Gail Carriger, in the bundle, and Pauline Baird Jones contributes her delightful Steampunk novel, Specters in the Storm. Ann Gimpel’s historical western fantasy is as close to Steampunk as you can get without the steam. Caridad Pineiro contributes a standalone novel in her 12-book series, and Melissa Snark throws in a mini-bundle—the first two books in her Ragnarok Doom of the Gods series.

Lots to read here–and you can get it all, plus donate to our charity, AbleGamers–for less than the price of one trade paperback novel. Ten books–four brand new anywhere and six (really seven) that are probably new to you.

What a great way to end February!

5 thoughts on “Winston & Ruby Fans! Your Collection Awaits!

  1. Yes! I got the bundle! Oh, do I have some reading to look forward to. I added a little something for able gamers. My daughter who does enjoy some gaming took a look and was impressed, so maybe she’ll mention it to her fellow gamers and something good will come of it.

    Thank you so much for this.

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