Another Piece of Searching For The Fleet Appears!

Diving Into The Wreck Science Fiction Space Opera

Bit by bit, pieces of Searching For The Fleet are leaking out. Those of you who read “Dix” in Asimovs a few months back saw part of Searching For The Fleet. Here’s another piece. It’s a story about Coop from the days before he became captain of the Ivoire. The reactions to this story are pretty strong, which pleases me. I hope it brings some of you to the novels as well.

Searching For The Fleet is now available as a preorder in all ebook channels and in audio. The paper version of the book will appear on publication day (no preorder). Publication day is September 18, 2018.

And for those of you who are curious, there are at least more two novels after Searching For The Fleet in the sequence started with The Runabout. I’m (finally) nearly done with the massive third book in that sequence. If you read “The Rescue of The Renegat,” you’ve already seen part of that book. Asimov’s will feature at least one more in the November/December issue. Then, once I finish that massive novel, I turn to the next Boss book, which rounds out the sequence. Yep, I never tackle small projects, particularly in the middle of life changes. Challenges. I live for them.

Now that things are settling down, I’ll have more news for you, including a bunch of things that happened over the spring that I wasn’t able to inform you about. Stay tuned!

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  1. I know you aren’t interested in reading criticism of your work, so I’ll just say that Lieutenant Tightass was the Diving Universe story most to my taste in the past couple of years. I ripped through the story and was shouting for more when it was done.

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