Psst! You! The Person Who Hasn’t Read Diving Yet! Do I Have A Deal For You…

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In anticipation of Searching For The Fleet, which will appear in September, WMG Publishing is doing a major ebook promotion on the entire series. If you haven’t entered my Diving universe yet, now’s the time.

You can get the first book—the award-winning Diving Into The Wreck—for free. The second book, City of Ruins, is 99 cents. And the third book, Boneyards, is $1.99. So you can get all three books for less than $3.

Readers outside of the U.S.: It looks like Amazon has not priced the first book at free outside of the U.S. But Kobo, iBooks, and Smashwords have. So you can still get the book for free, just not from Amazon.

This offer will only last until July 31. So hurry…

17 thoughts on “Psst! You! The Person Who Hasn’t Read Diving Yet! Do I Have A Deal For You…

    1. No, not really, Hannah. You can still get the free book on iBooks and Kobo in Germany. Amazon does things like this, I’m afraid. That’s why I tell people to go wide. There are always other choices.

  1. Thanks for putting those up for sale. I had read one of the later Diving books on a plane flight and while I liked it I also felt the lack of backstory, or the original One Upon a Time book, left me in the dark. I forgot all about the Diving series until your promotion and immediately snapped up all three on Kobo.

    1. Click the links. The links will take you to Books2Read. There you will be able to pick your favorite site. Or, just go to your favorite ebook retailer, and you’ll find the books at the prices I listed. (If you’re in the U.S. Outside the U.S., go to Kobo.)

  2. Oh nice! Quick question though: Is it US only? On the first book is the regular price at the moment.

    1. Amazon isn’t great linking all the free. So it might be U.S. only on Amazon at the moment. Check Kobo. They always match the price, and they’re available worldwide. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll have to contact WMG on Monday. (Although they might be monitoring their Twitter account today…)

      1. In my experience, will price-match freebies… But Amazon.anywhere.else never will. It’s annoying as heck, and one reason only one of my freebies is on the Zon; the other two… Everywhere else. (Except Google. If they don’t wanna partner with Smashwords, I am not going to mess with their opaque uploading stuff.)

        I’m vaguely plotting to get a bunch of my short stories together in an anthology and “include the freebies so they’re in one place” so at least the Zon buyers will get to know they’re around.

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