Another Way To Sample The Diving Universe

Diving Into The Wreck

WMG Publishing has really stepped up on promoting the Diving series in anticipation of this fall’s release of the next book in the series. That book is Searching For The Fleet, and f you want to know how to preorder, check out this page on WMG’s website. That book will appear on September 18.

If you haven’t yet sampled the series or if you haven’t jumped into the book-length Diving material, then this promotion might be the one for you. My standalone Diving Universe novel, The Falls, which I wrote to explain a part of the universe to myself, is in a Storybundle that will run until August 22. You’ll get my super big Diving novel, and Dean’s really nifty first novel, Laying The Music To Rest. (Where else would you find an Idaho ghost town and the Titanic?)

You’ll also get two short story anthologies, one edited by Allyson Longuiera, and one edited by Blaze Ward. Blaze also has a brand new novel in the bundle. Allyson curated the bundle with an eye to fiction that surprises, and all of these writers manage that really well. If you’ve read Fiction River, then you’ve encountered Stefon Mears and Eric Kent Edstrom. I’ve been meaning to read Annie Reed’s superhero book Faster ever since she first told me about it, so now I have no excuse. Then, there’s bestselling and award-winning writer Ron Collins with a book I need to read also. And to match Dean’s quirkiness, Robert Jeschonek has a book here. Just so that you understand what I mean: the writers who come to our anthology workshops say that Bob has his own planet (because no one looks at the universe like Bob).

All in all, a great bundle. You can pick your own price, but I’d go for the 10 books for $15, while tossing in a few bucks for our charity, AbleGamers. AbleGamers opens up an entire universe to people who are trapped in their homes and/or their bodies, by providing a way to game online and join the online community. That might sound trivial to most folks, but it’s not, when all you really have to look forward to is another day that is the same as the day before. So as you buy your own entertainment, give some money for some life-saving entertainment for others.

I think this is an exciting bundle, a great value for the price. Hurry on over, since this offer disappears in 18 days…

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