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Neil Clarke has edited a reprint anthology called The Final Frontier. Last year, Neil published an anthology called Galactic Empires which, he says, was inspired by Star Wars. He considers Final Frontier a sister anthology inspired by, you guessed it, Star Trek. I have stories in both anthologies. The story in Galactic Empires is from my Retrieval Artist universe. The story in Final Frontier is the award-winning novella that started the entire Diving series, “Diving into the Wreck.”

This anthology is complete and utter candy for me. I am halfway through Galactic Empires, and had to quit while I finished the next Diving book. (Which is almost done. Yay!!!) When I finish writing that book, I’ll be able to finish Galactic Empires, and then I’ll move on over to The Final Frontier. I can’t wait, honestly. This book got a starred Publisher’s Weekly review, which is unusual for a reprint anthology. So, pick up your copy. Given the line up of authors I’m lucky to share the TOC with, that starred review is no accident.

I’ve linked to Amazon because I’m lazy, but I’ve also linked to Neil’s blog post on the starred review. Neil is not lazy, and you’ll find links to many major retailers there.


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  1. Because I clicked this, I found The Business Rusch: The Bad Book, and through it, your post on Perfection and Dean’s post on The New World of Publishing: Book Pricing from Another Perspective. And recommended all of them in today’s edition of my own Daily Journal. An excellent example of great advice never going out of style. Just wanted to say thanks.

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