OMG! A Post That’s Not About Diving!

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I feel like I’ve been trapped in the Diving universe so long that’s all I’ve ever written. But that’s not true, and here’s proof. Jonathan Strahan has invited me into his Infinity project more than once, and I’m honored to be part of the final book in that project, Infinity’s End. The idea here was to explore our solar system, and make it lived in.

I wandered about for a while, trying to figure this out. And then, from who knows where, I came up with “Once on The Blue Moon.” This story was a blast to write, partly because the protagonist is young and sassy.

Lots of great writers here, and the anthology has been getting excellent reviews as well. So pick up a copy, and enjoy some future visions of lived-in space in our solar system. I know I will…as soon as I finish this dang Diving novel.

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