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As those of you who support me on Patreon already know, my September will be busy, busy, busy when it comes to publications and promotions. (By the way, there are three Business Musings posts there that have not yet been on this site. I’m getting ahead, finally!)

Today’s news involves a Storybundle. The great thing about Storybundles is that they provide a deal to the reader, and they introduce you to writers you may not have read before. I’ll be honest here: there are some writers in this latest bundle who are new to me as well.

Kevin J. Anderson put the bundle together. He promises that every book here focuses on adventure, and given the writers whose work I do know, I believe him.

If you want to sample my Diving universe, you can get the award-winning The Application of Hope in this bundle. And if you want to sample Fiction River before heading over to the Kickstarter (see below), you will be able to read one of my favorite volumes, edited by Rebecca Moesta. Somehow the writers in Fiction River: Superpowers managed to write new, different, and touching stories about something that has almost become ubiquitous in today’s culture. You’ll love those.

This Storybundle has thirteen ebooks instead of the usual ten. So if you spend $15, you’ll get 13 ebooks. Lots to read here, lots to enjoy. Click here to head on over and look at the offerings.

Finally, we’re running a Kickstarter for Fiction River. I did a longer post on this last week, but I’m going to keep mentioning the Kickstarter as we work our way through the stretch goals.

Wait! Did I mention stretch goals? Yep. We hit our initial goal thanks to many of you! Thank you very, very, very much.

We have some great stretch goals planned, but first let me tell you about Fiction River. It’s an award-winning anthology magazine that publishes stories of almost every genre. Each volume is different, but Dean & I oversee them, so the quality remains high. We’ve published award-winning stories and many stories have been reprinted, a number of them in year’s best anthologies. We’re the publication that flies under the radar and yet still manages to satisfy readers and writers alike.

Let me mention three of the stretch goals. If the Fiction River Kickstarter subscription drive hits the goal past the goal we hit two years ago, we will have an open call for submissions. I know many of you writers have asked me over the years to have an open call. If you’re serious about submitting to Fiction River, then promote this Kickstarter on your writer boards. Let others know that if we hit our goals, we will have not one, but two open submission calls.

Also, if we hit all of our stretch goals, we will give each backer who spent $15 or more, 25 extra ebooks. As of this writing (Labor Day), we’ve hit our first stretch goal, so every backer will get an extra issue of Fiction River. The reward for our next stretch goal is a copy of Familiarity, my collection about Winston & Ruby, which so many of you have asked for.

Ruby doesn’t look like the cats in our long Kickstarter video, or even the cat in the video ad below. Gwyneth Gibby put this together, and I do love it. Take a look.

And please check out our Kickstarter video on Kickstarter itself. I wrote and narrated that video, and had a lot of fun putting it together.

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