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Spade/Paladin fans! You knew that Spade would have an opinion about the changes in sf fandom, right? Well, he does and did, and it all shows up in “Unity Con,” the latest Spade/Paladin story. This one appears in the September/October issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Click here for a link to an excerpt from the story.

Letting you know about “Unity Con” reminded me that I never told you about two other things—the revamped Pulphouse Magazine and another Spade Paladin story. Many of you knew that Pulphouse was coming because you supported our Kickstarter last fall. The rest of you probably missed the announcement. And then I got ill and didn’t update the information.

Well, another Spade/Paladin story appears in the first issue of Pulphouse (which is now on issue 3). You can still get it if you click here. “At Witt’s End” is probably one of my personal favorite Spade/Paladin stories. Go ahead and pick up the issue.

You can also subscribe to Pulphouse through our Fiction River Kickstarter. Pledge and select the WMG Publishing All Magazine Combo, and you’ll get Pulphouse and Fiction River and the other magazines WMG Publishing produces (as well as all the stretch goal rewards)!

If you’ve already backed the Kickstarter, thank you! One request: please share the Kickstarter. The more people we get on our drive, the greater the chance we have of hitting all the stretch goals, which means you’ll get a total of 25 extra books and perks. So please do share.

And because you need a cat and some drama in your day, here’s a different short ad for the Fiction River Kickstarter. If you want to see that charming cat and several others, watch the entire video on the Fiction River Kickstarter page.

And finally, speaking of things to watch, my husband Dean Wesley Smith does occasional personal challenges on his website. He lets writers watch and play along. This new challenge of his is only slightly crazier than some of his others. And I think readers can participate early as well as get 10 books in the next four months or so. Take a peek.


2 thoughts on “A New Spade/Paladin Story—Unity Con

  1. Spade/Paladin are some of my favorites! Now I’m going to have to go buy them. (Speaking of Hitchcock, their response time to submissions is currently averaging about a year. Sigh. At least I know they read the stories, right?)

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