Free Fiction Monday: Oathbreaker

Free Fiction Monday: Oathbreaker

Nils wants nothing to do with his family or their magic. He hopes for nothing more than to live a normal life. Kasey offers him that life, but more importantly, she offers him love.

When Nils’ father warns him against marriage, Nils refuses to listen.

He vows to fight his destiny and win. But at what cost?

Oathbreaker,” by New York Times bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is free on this website for one week only. The story, which is part of the Warlocks: An Uncollected Anthology, is also available as an ebook here. Find out more about the entire Warlocks volume, which is available in ebook and paperback, here




Kristine Kathryn Rusch



The free story will be available for one week only. If you missed this one, click on the links above. There’s another free story lurking somewhere around the site. Track the story down, read, and enjoy!


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  1. Francelia Belton-Briscoe says:

    I enjoyed this story. Thank you, Kristine!

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