Searching For The Fleet Published!

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The latest Diving novel, Searching For The Fleet, hit print today. You can get the ebook, trade paper, and audio book. Click here to find the various outlets for the books.

Searching For The Fleet tells the story of Coop and Yash as they try to find the modern version of the Fleet. They have hints that it exists, even though they’ve traveled 5,000 years into their future.

About the book, Publishers Weekly says, “By mixing cerebral and investigative elements, emotional character segments, and the adrenaline of action, Rusch tells a complete yet varied tale that will please science fiction readers looking for something different from the usual fare.” They also say that this is a good place to start the series. I’ll leave that to the rest of you to decide.

If you want to read an excerpt from the novel, take a look at yesterday’s Free Fiction novella, “Dix,” which already appeared in Asimov’s earlier this year. Those of you who’ve read some of the earlier Diving novels think you know what really happened to Dix. Think again…

And I hope that inspires at least a few of you to pick up Searching For The Fleet!

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  1. Your timing for making books one and two available was very effective. I got hooked and inhaled the entire series then had to wait exactly one day to buy the next book. Well done! And I’m seriously looking forward to finding out about these new players whenever the next book comes out.

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