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I have finally figured out my writing and work schedule here in Las Vegas. It only took me eight months to do so. That means I can catch up on letting you all know about the various projects, publications, and deals that center around my work.

I’m starting with the ones that will vanish in a set amount of time. That means Storybundles! Yes, there are two of them, but I’m going to focus on the fiction bundle first.

Dean Wesley Smith edited this Military SF Bundle, and did so with perfect timing, so that it showed up as the world celebrated the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. Last week. When I was helping Dean prepare for the half marathon at the Rock N Roll Marathon here in Vegas.

Yes, he got more work done than me, at least on the bundle. (I’m deep in a new Kristine Grayson novel, about as far from military sf as I can get. But, since I just finished a new Diving novel (1500 pages worth) which is military sf, I have an excuse.)

Anyway, the bundle he put together does not include the usual suspects of many Storybundles. Sure, you’ll find books by me and Dean, Blaze Ward, Keith DeCandido, Stefon Mears and Robert Jeschonek, whose work you’ve seen before in Storybundles before. But you’ll also find work from some writers who  haven’t been in Storybundles at all (Loren L. Coleman, Tami Veldura, and David Bruns) Lots to read and explore. Dean also included one of my favorite issues of Fiction River. The Valor issue was edited by Lee Allred, and focuses on military sf. There are some amazing stories in that volume.

The book I have in this bundle is Skirmishes, which is in my Diving universe. You can read the novel as a standalone, even though it features my regular characters, Boss and Coop.

Dean included one of my favorites of his, Life is a Dream. It’s great space opera and military sf and marvelous wishfulfilment too. If only a space force was recruiting from nursing homes, giving the elderly their old bodies back, and allowing them to keep their experience and wisdom. If only.

Anyway, you can get all ten of these books for as little as $15. And while you’re there, please donate to the charity that is attached to the bundle. That’s AbleGamers, which allows differently abled folks to enjoy the online gaming community by giving them equipment that’s tailored just for them. It helps lonely and isolated people find time and a way to socialize, which is more important than I can express here.

The bundle will vanish forever on November 29. So hop on over and get yours now. You’ll have great reading to accompany you on all those plane flights you’ll be taking during this holiday season.


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