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The December Holiday Spectacular

The holidays are upon us! And we came up with a fun idea in conjunction with WMG Publishing that we hope you’ll enjoy as well.

We love mystery boxes. You know, those packages you order but you’re not entirely sure what you’ll get. You just know it’ll be something fun. We were going to do something a bit more drawn out, but didn’t have time this year. So the fun folks at WMG came up with these two boxes just in time for holiday giving.

We would call them mystery boxes, but then you might think you’re getting mysteries. You will get a few in the WMG Surprise Holiday Gift Box, along with sf, romance, anthologies, and any other type of fiction WMG publishes. But the boxes aren’t just mysteries.

So for the sake of truth in advertising, we’re calling them Surprise boxes.

Each box has a value of $250. They cost $50. And you can give them to friends and family.

The first box, which I’ve already mentioned, is the one I call the Reader Box. It contains 40 ebooks. They include novels, novellas, short-story collections, magazines, boxed sets, bundles, and a sampling of something from each of the 33 series WMG publishes. Since WMG publishes most of my work, you’ll get a lot of fun things from me.

The second box is geared to writers. It contains 12 ebooks, a lecture, and a classic writer’s workshop. The lecture alone is worth $50. Each of these items will help the writer on your list (or you) have a great 2019 of writing and planning and learning.

You must order by 12/19 at noon. The boxes will be delivered on 12/20. After that, this deal goes away. (We’ll be doing something equally cool but different next year.)

I’m very excited about these boxes. I hope you will be too. To find out more, click here.

And Happy Holidays!!!!!

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