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I love detective fiction. I love fantasy fiction. And I looooove it when they combine to form their own off-beat genre. Which is why I’m so happy to be part of the Fantasy Detectives Storybundle.

Dean Wesley Smith assembled the bundle using our Fiction River edition, Fantastic Detectives, as his template. The anthology is in this bundle. I happen to love that edition of Fiction River, so it’s a great introduction to the entire series.

But this bundle has a lot of great fantastic detectives here. From Kevin J. Anderson’s Dan Shamble (featured here in two books!) to Robert T. Jeschonek’s Gaia Charmer, these detectives are both unusual and unexpected. They often solve crimes while saving the world.

I’ve got a short story collection here that has its own group of fantastic detectives. The crimes in this volume are often small (see “The Poop Thief”) but they can be world-changing. And the collection includes a couple of my personal favorites, particularly “Flower Fairies” and “Domestic Magic.” (And the aforementioned “Poop Thief.”) These stories should make you smile.

Something else to make you smile is Dean’s short Poker Boy novel, They’re Back. I love Poker Boy and am constantly urging Dean to write more in that series. Once you’ve read this book, you’ll see why.

Kevin isn’t the only one who contributed a two-book set to the bundle. Erik Kort and Lee French did as well, with the first two books in their The Greatest Sin series. And I’m not the only person who added a collection. So did Leah Cutter, providing novellas in her Shrouded Veil mystery series. Ghosts, my friends! She’s writing about ghosts. (I so love ghosts.)

Stefon Mears and Gary Jonas provide page-turners that will introduce you to their fantasy detective series. And Chrissy Wissler adds her powerful voice to the mix, with Search For Sanctuary.

So lots to read…and you can have all of the ebooks for as little as $15. Throw in a few more dollars for our charity,  AbleGamers, and you’ll get twelve books for the price of one traditionally published hardcover novel. Sucha deal.

What a great way to start the year, with enough reading to take you…at least until next week.

But hurry, because this bundle ends in less than three weeks! Click here and get yours.

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  1. I love everything about this bundle—except that I loathe pleasure reading on a screen. But at least you’ve put me on to a great genre and some titles I might be able to buy as individual print books. Thanks!

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