Really Cool Award News

The readers of Asimov’s SF Magazine have given me a great honor. Three pieces of my fiction have made the final reader’s award ballot. The two novellas, “Joyride,” and “The Rescue of the Renegat,” are part of my upcoming new Diving novel, The Renegat, which will appear in September. “Lieutenant Tightass,” which is up for best novelette, is part of the recently released Searching For The Fleet. Obviously, though, all three of the stories stand alone.

I’m in great company. The others in the novella category are Greg Egan, David Gerrold and Ctein, Bill Johnson, Paul Di Filippo and Rudy Rucker. In the novelette category, you’ll also find Nancy Kress, Allen Steele, Ian R. MacLeod, and Jean Marie Ward. I’m thrilled to see my name with theirs

If you’ve wanted to read some of my Diving stories, then click the links in the first paragraph. If you want some great reading all spring, then follow this link, which will take you to the list of readers award nominees, and you should be able to read all of them, including best short story and best poem.

Thank you, Asimov readers! I’m honored!

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  1. J.R. Handley says:

    Congrats and good luck!!

  2. Wohoo! How awesome. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations, and thanks for all the great links!

  4. Woot! Congrats Kris! How awesome! 😀


  5. Marion says:

    Congratulations Kris! That’s really cool.

  6. Widdershins says:

    Really cool congratulations! 😀

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