Space Opera Bundling, Romance Secrets, And A Reminder

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I figured Gavin would get your attention. When he looks at me like that, he usually gets mine.

I promised you a week or so ago that I would have a lot of fun announcements, and I do! I’m going to try to spread the news out a bit, but that’s tough, because there’s so much of it.

Fun Fantasy Romance

First, for those of you who don’t regularly read Thursday’s publishing business blog…WMG Publishing just released a new omnibus of my first 3 Kristine Grayson novels. The Charming Trilogy Vol. 1 includes the author-preferred editions of Utterly Charming, Thoroughly Kissed, and Completely Smitten. It also includes “The Strangeness of the Day” short story that started it all, as well as a ton of short pieces about the books, and an overall essay about the books themselves. All of this for $6.99

It’s the beginning of a series of releases for my Grayson pen name, culminating in a brand new book, Hidden Charm, in June. The romance secrets mentioned in the title of this blog post? You’ll find some of them in the Charming Trilogy Vol. 1, and even more in The Charming Trilogy Vol. 2 which will appear in June (although with Hidden Charm). So if you’ve wanted to read these books, here’s your chance. We will release an omnibus in April, May, and June, so you’ll have plenty to tide you over through the spring.

Space Opera

Sometime last fall, Dean started making noises about assembling a space opera Storybundle. Allyson Longueira at WMG Publishing decided we needed a space opera edition of Fiction River Presents. Due to a variety of factors, I volunteered to edit that book, which is now called Fiction River Presents: Among The Stars. It contains eight of my favorite Fiction River stories and, at Allyson’s insistence, one story from my Retrieval Artist universe. (That story also appeared in Fiction River.)

I had a blast editing this volume. I got to revisit lots of great stories. We haven’t had a space opera issue of Fiction River per se, but we’ve published a lot space opera and marvelous science fiction scattered among the volumes. There’s even more upcoming.

This FRP contains stories from Dean, Dayle A. Dermatis, Jamie McNabb, Kim May, Brigid Collins, Steven Mohan, Jr., J.C. Andrijeski, and Louisa Swann. Fun (and adventurous) stories all.


As I mentioned, the impetus for that Fiction River Presents was Dean’s decision to curate a Storybundle. He assembled that bundle, and now it has gone live. Here’s the thing about Storybundles. You get a bunch of books for a bargain price, and you can throw in a few dollars for a charity as well. Our charity this time is Able Gamers, who help those who are differently abled join the world of online gaming to help them through the day.

The Space Opera Storybundle includes 10 books, including this Fiction River Presents. It also includes my Diving novel, The Runabout, which features Boss. (I’m 12,000 words into the next Boss book as I write this post, just in case you were wondering.)

I’ve read fiction by all of the writers in the bundle, even though I haven’t read all of the novels, and I can tell you that each writer is worth the read. In this bundle, you’ll find books from Robert Jeschonek, Mason Elliot, Meyari McFarland, Michael D. Britton, Blaze Ward, Leigh Saunders, Dean, and Kristine Smith. Spend as little as $15 and you’ll get all ten books. But hurry, because this deal goes away on April 18.

You’ll notice that I said “Storybundles,” because as I mentioned about a week ago, I also have two books, the first two books in my Fey series, in the Epic Fantasy Storybundle curated by Kevin J. Anderson. Lots of good reading there as well…only that bundle will vanish on you by April 11. So you really have to hurry for that one!

A Reminder

In fact, you should probably just go back and read that previous post, because it explains why I decided to do a monthly webinar called “Ask Kris Anything.” Yes, you can ask me about publishing and writing, or about the Fey, or about my cats, if you really want more cat information.

We’re limited attendance on that webinar, so sign up now if you can. The first webinar will take place on April 21 at 11 am PDT. If the webinar is full, then it’s full.

Right now, though, you can buy a year of the webinars (thirteen!) for $600, nine months (nine webinars) for $500, or six months for $400.

If you want more information, click here.

If you want to sign up, go to

and hit “see all courses” and you will see the three options for this Ask Kris Webinar series.

Remember, one year subscriptions get to send in questions ahead of time each month.

And that this is limited. No need to ask Dean or me if there is still a spot open. Just check on Teachable and if you can still see the course, there is a spot open. If you can’t see it there, then ask Dean.

I have even more news, but I’m getting tired now. And this post has gone on long enough. So until the next news post…enjoy!

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