A New Short Story And A Reminder

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Here’s a fun project, albeit a bit off the beaten path. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to get asked to be in a volume of tribute stories for Richard Matheson. I never met him (although I listened to him on panels), but I’ve adored his work forever.

After much trepidation, I wrote the story, which came out in an unexpected way—rather like Matheson’s stories did. “Rehab” is my tribute to his work, not quite classifiable by genre, but still somewhat dark and creepy.

The story appears in a limited edition volume titled Brothers In Arms, edited by Barry Hoffman and Richard Christian Matheson (Richard’s son, who is a heck of a writer in his own right). It comes bound with one of Richard Matheson’s novels, Bloodless Warrior. The cover art on Brothers In Arms is by Clive Barker; the cover art for Bloodless Warrior (shown here) is by Harry O. Morris.

The anthology has an original Ray Bradbury story, as well as what appears to be an original story by Rod and Anne Serling, as well as two original Richard Matheson stories. Lots of other great authors have stories in this volume as well.

I have no idea if there will be an ebook version or a paperback version. Those questions are for Gauntlet Press. But if you want the limited, head over here and pick up a copy. (The rest of you can head over and ask your questions.) I got my copies last week, so I suspect you’ll get yours as soon as you order.

The reminder is for a different project. The Epic Fantasy Storybundle disappears on April 11. So you have less than 48 hours to get the first two books of my Fey series, as well as thirteen other ebooks, all for $15. Toss in a few bucks for the Challenger Center, and you’re good to go.

…except that you might want to click on the Space Opera Storybundle and get ten more ebooks, including one from my Diving universe. Twenty-five ebooks for $30, plus the opportunity to donate some of that money to two different (worthy) charities.

So you can spend a lot of money on a limited edition with some spectacular writers (and an intriguing novel by Richard Matheson). Then you can toss in $30 and get enough ebooks to get you through the spring. What more could a reader want?


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