A New Nonfiction Book, A Bundle, and It’s Almost Time To Ask Me Anything

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WMG Publishing just published the Writing With Chronic Illness book that I wrote earlier this year. I excerpted sections on my blog…or rather, I wrote sections in public on my blog. A number of you said you wanted to know when the book appeared. It has now.

And…you can get it as part of the annual Spring Writing Storybundle. So rather than pay full price, you can get the ebook for about $1.50, and a WMG Writing Lecture “Carving Out Time For Your Writing” (which has a $50 value), and eight other books.


Okay, really, it’s eleven other books, since Kevin J. Anderson contributed a bundle of his Million Dollar Writing series, which includes four books. Joanna Penn shows how to write nonfiction, Mark Leslie Lefebvre explains how to make Kobo work for writers (and he should know, since he started Kobo Writing Life), Laura Anne Gilman gives 52 nuggets of advice including how to make a conference work in a writer’s favor, Tonya Price explores the right business models for writers, Leah Cutter helps writers grow their artistic side, Blaze Ward explains marketing for the new publisher, and Mindy Klasky covers writing from A to Z.

Whew. That’s a lot. And just because you wanted the AbleGamers who help those in needchronic illness book. Seriously, though, the bundle is not just a great value, it’s also a way to contribute to charity. While you’re buying the bundle, add a few dollars for our charity, into the world of online gaming (sometimes providing the only social interaction those folks get).

This deal goes away on May 9, so hurry!

And…one final reminder. The Ask Kris Anything webinar starts on Sunday. We have a few spots still open, so if you want to chat or listen to me talk about all kinds of things, from my books to writing to publishing, click here for instructions on how to join us.

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