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As I crawled (typed, sobbed) my way to the end of the latest Diving Universe novel—all 260,000 words of it—I used the thought of a Kickstarter to get me through that experience. Why a Kickstarter? Because I wanted to share the false starts with long-term readers, and I figured giving those false starts away in a single book as a Kickstarter reward was the way to do that.

Turns out, I had enough material for two books of false starts and side journeys. Some of those false starts come from other books, and I threw in some essays to explain everything. But the books exist as Kickstarter rewards only.

The centerpiece of the Kickstarter is the new book itself. The Renegat will appear in September, but you can get it in June for as little as $5. If you bump your reward up to $15, you can get ebooks of The Renegat and the two false start books. And yes, that’ll provide a little window into my brain.

If you’re not a Kickstarter person, though, I understand. Just click on the image above to see the new book covers and to watch me mumble seriously.

Oh, and there are some rewards for writers as well. Lectures, workshops, and the opportunity to ask me anything.

Which reminds me: the Writing Storybundle is in its last hours. If you want 11 books and a lecture about writing, head over to Storybundle now. The entire bundle will disappear on Thursday.

Please do take a peek at the Kickstarter. We had fun putting it together, and I hope you’ll have fun looking at what we assembled.

3 thoughts on “Get The New Diving Novel Early!

  1. Awesome! I love behind-the-scenes views from a writer’s perspective. And I’ve been wanting to read into your Diving universe. Win-win. 🙂

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