We Met The Goal And Added A Stretch Goal

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In case you’re not paying attention to the Kickstarter (and why would you, really?), I thought I would point out that we hit our initial goal within about 18 hours of the start. Which surprised the heck out of me. I figured it would take until the middle of the Kickstarter run to get there. But it only took a few hours.


What that meant for us, though, was that we had to figure out another stretch goal. We had one, but we needed a second. We posted that late yesterday. So now, if you back the Kickstarter and ask for a reward, you’ll get whatever you signed up for as well as two novellas and a WMG lecture (worth $50)…if we hit both stretch goals.

Again, thank you for all the support. This outpouring for the Diving universe means a great deal to me.


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