Tiffany, Brittany, And Crystal Get Their Own Omnibus (Or…The Grayson Rebrand Continues)

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As many of you know, I finished a new Kristine Grayson novel, Hidden Charm, which will appear in June. Allyson Longuiera at WMG Publishing and I decided to use that opportunity to rebrand the entire series. I also put together omnibuses (I like omnibi better, even if it is wrong) of many of the books, including the author-preferred editions of volumes that you can get (more expensively) from somewhere else.

A new omnibus has appeared every month since March. Each of them have a lot of extras, including essays by me about the books themselves.

Most of the Grayson books are marketed as romance. Because the definitions of “paranormal romance” have changed over time, that label doesn’t really fit them anymore. Neither does fairytale romance, although that’s closer.

This month’s omnibus, though, fits into a different genre. The Daughters of Zeus trilogy is young adult, by marketing brands anyway. The protagonists of all three volumes—Tiffany, Brittany, and Crystal—are all teenagers. They’re also Zeus’s daughters, and they’ve lost their magic.

If you’ve read last month’s omnibus, The Fates Trilogy, then you know that the Interim Fates got fired. Tiffany, Brittany, and Crystal were the Interim Fates, teenage girls suddenly put in charge of magic and true love. Now they have nothing except their human mothers and a brand new life they don’t understand.

These three girls are three of my favorite characters of all time. The books were fun to write, and the girls themselves inspire me, especially with the hardships they face.

We had trouble branding the books initially. They had to fit into the various Grayson brands, but these books don’t have romance. They’re really fantasy novels, with teenage protagonists. So, we tried a YA brand that worked for a while. Now, the books fit into the overall rebranding scheme.

The covers are appropriately dramatic (I think), and feature strong young women. They also have a magical feel.

I hope you pick up the books. And I hope you end up liking Tiffany, Brittany, and Crystal as much as I do.

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