Just A Few Hours Left…

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On the Diving Universe Kickstarter. I bring this up, not to nag you to join the Kickstarter, but to inform you of the incredible value hidden in the  middle of it.

If you back the Kickstarter at the $5 level, you will get an ebook of the brand-new Diving novel, The Renegat. You will also get—thanks to stretch goals—three ebook novellas, seven ebook short stories, an online lecture, a classic online writing workshop, and a bundle of business lectures. About a $500 value. And if we hit the next stretch goal, which we just might, you’ll get an additional novella and three negotiation lectures, which raises the value to $750—all for a minimum of $5.

If you want to know how we can have so many cool stretch goals, check out this post.

And if you always wanted to sample the Diving Universe, this is the time to do so. But hurry. You only have about 68 hours left…

3 thoughts on “Just A Few Hours Left…

  1. I’ve tried to leave a donation on kickstarter several times online and was kicked out when I was entering my credit card.
    I downloaded their app and was kicked off some more.
    I’m trying to donate $20 for the $15 three electronic book deal.

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