Hidden Charm! The First New Grayson Novel in Seven Years!

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Yeah, it took me that long to get past an abusive publishing relationship and a few life events, so that I could feel light and hopeful again.

I planned to write Hidden Charm as soon as I finished Charming Blue in 2011. Instead, I found myself fighting my publishing company, demanding that they release me from my contract because the editor who handled my work was so verbally abusive that a single phone call would reduce me to tears. After wrangling, the company and I parted ways. The editor is (unbelievably) still employed, and still abusing writers terribly.

I tell that story and a few others in the introduction and accompanying essays in The Charming Trilogy Volume 2. That book contains the Author Preferred Editions of Charming Blue and Wickedly Charming, as well as Hidden Charm. So if you want all three books and some writerly insider stuff, pick up the The Charming Trilogy Volume 2. It’s cheaper than buying just one of the Kindle editions of the volumes that the evil editor messed with—and you get all kinds of fun extras as well as the related short story (which is one of my favorites), “Standing Up For Grace.”

Hidden Charm features a romance between Rapunzel and one of my favorite Princes Charming. Or rather, two of them, because one is a major hero (who will get his own book soon) and the other is a hapless hero (which I seem to enjoy writing about).

I hope you Grayson fans are as excited about the new book as I am, and I hope you all enjoy it greatly! I had so much fun writing it. It’s nice to be back writing Grayson again. I missed her…

7 thoughts on “Hidden Charm! The First New Grayson Novel in Seven Years!

  1. i have loved all of your stories that i have read and have one question. in which book do that interim fates lose their jobs? i will definately be reading the HIDDEN CHARM as soon as i can.so thanks for the great enjoyment of your books. i live in australia and i am sure you have many many many fans here too!

    1. Thanks, Libby. I answered you, and then realized you were asking about the Interim Fates. They lose their job at the end of Totally Spellbound. The Daughters of Zeus Trilogy deals with the fallout from that decision. So glad you like the books!

  2. I just bought a copy on Kobo Kristine! I really love fairytale romance… and the story of Rapunzel is one of my favorites! I’m looking forward to making time in between writing and teaching piano lessons, to read 😉

  3. I am so excited about this! I love your Grayson books. Currently working my way through your Author-Preferred versions. I’m enjoying them as well as all the extras. 🙂

    So sorry it took you so long to be able to write in this universe again, but I’m glad you made it.

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