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Because Allyson got ill, I got to curate a couple of extra Storybundles this year, and I’ll be honest: they’ve been fun. I did this one, the Space Travelers Bundle, and was able to put some of my favorite writers in the bundle with one of my favorite subgenres.

First, let me explain Storybundle for those of you who haven’t participated. A Storybundle is a bundle of ebooks or electronic items assembled on a theme, so that the writers can share their readers with each other, and the readers can discover new-to-them writers for a lot less money than usual.

In addition, a purchaser has the option of donating some of the fee to our charity, AbleGamers. AbleGamers enables disabled folks who have trouble finding game equipment that works for them. How essential is this? So many disabled people are bed- or housebound, so their only social interaction is online. AbleGamers saves sanity and saves lives. I love this organization, because it gives so much, from entertainment to needed interaction to hope.

Fittingly, two of our books, Fractured Stars and  Clouds of Phoenix, featured disabled protagonists. (I did not plan this: the writers chose those books before they even found out who our charity was).

In addition to those wonderful titles, we have eight more. Two anthologies, because I love short sf. I edited one of them, which I used as the basis for this bundle. We have lots of crime in here (Partners in Crime, folks), including one of my standalone Retrieval Artist titles.

One of the best things about this bundle, which has not been a feature in previous bundles I’ve done is the number of exclusive books. We have four titles that are exclusive to this bundle, and three of them have never been available anywhere else. Those are Leigh Saunders’ Partners in Crime, Blaze Ward’s, WinterStar, and Robert Jeschonek’s Blastoff!.

Kristine Smith’s book is only available here, and Fiction River Presents: Space Travelers, which I edited, debuts here. Add a book from Dean Wesley Smith’s mind-expanding Seeders Series, and you have a heck of a lot of good summer reading ahead.

You can get all of the books for $15 (and designate some of that to AbleGamers) or you can get four for $5. If a friend has a summer birthday, you can give them a copy of the bundle as well. Click here to read more. And hurry! The bundle ceases to exist on July 11.

Oh, and I’m going to share something fun now. Michéle Laframboise writes in English and in French, which impresses me. Her book here is in English, but she is marketing the book to her French readers because many of them read English as well. She’s also an artist, so she did this great graphic for the bundle. Enjoy!

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