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I have a bunch of stories coming out in various anthologies. Yes, I’m back to work, and yes, I’m having fun. Can you tell? I think I’ll spread that news over the next ten days or so, though, just so each anthology gets its due. And a reminder: I use Amazon links only because I’m lazy and pressed for time. Please buy from your preferred retailer.

We’ll start with The Eagle Has Landed: 50 Years of Lunar Science Fiction edited by Neil Clarke. This is a reprint anthology of the “best stories written in the fifty years since mankind first stepped foot on the lunar surface.” I’m honored to be in the anthology and to share pages with Nancy Kress, Stephen Baxter, Robert Reed, my Clarion classmate Geoffrey A. Landis, Indrapramit Das, and so many others.

I’m telling you about this anthology first, so you can read up before the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. (Which I remember watching that hot, hot summer of 1969. I was so angry at Mother for calling me inside from playing, and yet once I was in the cool, dark house, staring at the TV, I was captivated. Obviously.) Watch the old film of the landing, and then read this anthology. Perfect for a hot July day.

Next, some of you eagle-eyed souls will see a slightly different cover on Hidden Charm. The problems in using stock art. Allyson Longueira explains why we made the change in her Publisher’s Note on WMG’s website. Click over for some inside information. I’ll be dealing with this in a future post in the Business blog…and yes, it’s related to licensing! (But only in a sideways manner.)

Finally, a reminder that you only have two days to get the current Storybundle. The Space Traveler Storybundle also provides a lot of great summer reading. In fact, it goes well with The Eagle Has Landed. You can splurge on the hardcover of the anthology, and then save a ton of money getting ten science fiction books for $15. There. Your summer sf reading problems solved!

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  1. “Watch the old film of the landing”

    You can also watch the “Apollo 11” documentary, which uses recently discovered footage and cleaned-up old footage. The trailer looks awesome. It’s even available online.

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