Summer Sizzles

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I don’t have to tell most Americans that, after the week they just had. The hottest heat index in some cases ever over more than half the country.

What can you do besides sit in some shade and read? Not much, unless you have air conditioning. Thank heavens we have it here in Las Vegas, or I couldn’t live here at all. But I remember those lazy Midwestern days when it was almost too hot to think. As a kid, I had the benefit of a hammock in the back yard. As an adult, I had my trusty lawn chair and a jug of sun tea.

I always brought a pile of books outside in that weather, but my favorites were romantic suspense and gothics. Which is what I was thinking about when I decided to edit Summer Sizzles as a Fiction River Special Edition. I’d been trying to do this volume for years, and had collected a number of stories, particularly Dayle A. Dermatis’s “That Summer on Blue Heron Island.” I love that story and used it as a foundation for the anthology.

The volume has a few new writers, and some new-to-me writers, and some writers who normally write in other genres, but ventured into romantic suspense because I asked. I have a story in here too, written around 2017’s eclipse.

This is exactly the kind of reading I would have enjoyed in that hammock. I’m hoping you’ll like it as well. To find out more or to get your copy, go here.

And enjoy your summer of reading!


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