Free Fiction Monday: Flower Fairies

Free Fiction Monday: Flower Fairies

Funeral directors deal with many unexpected things at a funeral, but only a select few know how to handle an influx of flower fairies. Flower fairies often prove unpredictable…except when they get angry. And then they become terrifying.

So, when a flower fairy child shows up alone with a bouquet for someone who requested no ceremony, the funeral director knows to address her carefully. Because if the other flower fairies fear harm might come to one of their children, the humans around them could face the greatest threat of all.

“Flower Fairies” by New York Times bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch is free on this website for one week only. The story is also available in ebook here


Flower Fairies

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The free story will be available for one week only. If you missed this one, click on the links above. There’s another free story lurking somewhere around the site. Track the story down, read, and enjoy! 



Flower Fairies
Copyright © 2016 by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
First published in Realms of Fantasy, October, 2009
Published by WMG Publishing
Cover and layout copyright © 2016 by WMG Publishing
Cover design by Allyson Longueira/WMG Publishing
Cover art copyright © Mega11/Dreamstime

5 responses to “Free Fiction Monday: Flower Fairies”

  1. Matt Leitzen says:

    Thank you so much for this story, Ms. Rusch. It was needed tonight.

  2. Caroline says:

    I loved this story. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Patricia Finney says:

    What a wonderful story! It’s so good in so many different ways. Thank you.

  4. Nicole says:

    I’ll be driving fourteen hours to a memorial service this coming weekend. Thank you. I needed this today.

  5. Bea says:

    Thank you for this beautiful and uplifting story. I find it interesting that a story about fairies somehow renews my faith in the innate goodness in humankind.

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