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I think all Storybundles should be called Racing The Clock, because that’s what we’re doing. The bundles exist for only a few weeks, and then they vanish. This bundle is particularly fun. Dean Wesley Smith curated it, and consists of ten science fiction and fantasy ebooks, all of which are also thrillers.

In other words, you will find yourself racing breathlessly through each volume, hoping that everything turns out for the best. The bundle includes my short novel, The Tower, which is about time travelers trying to steal the Crown Jewels.

The bundle includes a dark tale from Sam Stone (if Ken Bruen calls your work dark, well, then, it’s dark), a fast-paced detective piece by Jeffrey J. Mariotte, and a breathtaking novel from Mike Baron. It also includes some hitmen (hit-women?) books—one from Lauryn Christopher, and the other from Dean himself. (I’ve read both series and love them.) Kari Kilgore and Robert Jeschonek provide the necessary vampire tales—which couldn’t be more different from each other. Keith R.A. DeCandido gives us a much-needed superhero break. And then there’s Fiction River Presents: Racing The Clock, which not only gave this bundle its name, but also includes some amazing stories from Fiction River regulars, Edgar-award nominees, and others.

For $15, you can get all ten ebooks. For $5, you can get the Christopher, Kilgore, Stone, and Fiction River Presents. In all cases, you’ll be asked if you want to contribute to our charity, AbleGamers.

So…race the clock. Get your ebooks by September 5, when this deal will vanish forever.

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