Pulphouse Subscription Drive Kickstarter—Tons of Fun Backer Rewards

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The new incarnation of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine is two years old. We started the magazine (again) with a successful Kickstarter, and, as we always do for our magazines/anthologies, we’re doing our biannual subscription drive through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a fun and easy way to get extras to backers. Before the advent of crowdfunding, we had to do paper subscription drives promising one specific extra for the subscriber. Now, you can choose from a subscription to the magazine, extra books, some writing workshops, some anthologies, sets of the original magazines (from the 1990s), a set of the original limited hardback magazine, and so much more!

We have already hit our goal…and the first stretch goal, which means you’ll get whatever you chose as a backer and an extra ecopy of the magazine for your ebook subscription. (All backers get the ebook subscription, over the $5 level.)

Check out the fun video, and take a look at the subscription drive. I have a hunch you’ll find something that will appeal to you.

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