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I finally got word from Audible that the audio version of the long and mighty Renegat, the next book in the Diving series, has gone into production. Jennifer Van Dyck will be reading the book, which is good news, since she’s done most of the series. I’m told Audible will have the audio version done in time for the September 17 release date for The Renegat itself.

You can’t preorder the audio version yet, but you can preorder the ebook version. There will be no preorder on the paper edition, which will also appear on September 17.

However, if you need your Diving fix right now, you can get “Escaping Amnthra,” a standalone Diving novelette in the September/October edition of Asimov’s. “Escaping Amnthra” features characters from The Renegat, but this part of the story isn’t in The Renegat.

The Renegat also stands alone, because it covers something deep in the universe’s past. So if you want to sample the Diving books, you can start with The Renegat—or get “Escaping Amnthra,” along with all the other great fiction that Asimov’s publishes. Enjoy!


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