Three New Anthologies And One Magazine

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Three of my stories appeared in reprint anthologies this summer. You can find “Embedded” in Fiction River Presents: Space Travelers, “Sole Survivor” in Fiction River Presents: Among The Stars, and “Hand Fast” in No Way: Totally Twisted Tales.

“Embedded” is military sf, “Sole Survivor” is a standalone part of the Retrieval Artist series, and “Hand Fast” is dark romantic (?) fantasy.

I edited the two Fiction River Presents, and had a blast. The other stories in the volumes are wonderful, so you can’t go wrong. The stories in No Way are from the revived Pulphouse and includes some of my personal favorites: Kent Patterson’s “The Wereyam” and Nina Kiriki Hoffman’s “Savage Breasts.”

Speaking of Pulphouse and reprints, one of my personal favorite short stories, “Say Hello To My Little Friend,” appears in Pulphouse 7, which just came out. There’s a mixture of old favorites and new ones in each issue, all of which have Dean’s twisted sensibilities.

By the way, we’re holding a Kickstarter for Pulphouse instead of a subscription drive. You can get No Way as an add-on to a regular reward, along with two other goofy anthologies from Pulphouse. Take a peek. The Kickstarter has about 12 days left and then it, and all the cool backer rewards, go away forever.

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