Fourth Stretch Goal Unlocked!

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We only have four days left on the Pulphouse Subscription Drive Kickstarter, and we’ve had such great support that we’ve unlocked four stretch goals already. Yep, we hit our main goal and then four more.

We do subscription drives on Kickstarter for a variety of reasons. Dean explained them here. Because we’re doing the drive on Kickstarter, we can give our supporters a wide variety of things.

If you back the project for as little as $5, you get an electronic issue of the magazine as your reward, so you can sample all the great fiction that Pulphouse publishes (including some of mine!). But because we’ve hit the four stretch goals, you will also get a second issue, three ebook anthologies, an online lecture, and an online workshop. The lecture ($50 value) and the workshop ($150 value) are geared toward writers. If you’re not one, you can give those items to a friend who is, and keep all the good reading for yourself.

We hope that we might hit the fifth stretch goal which has even more nifty things. If you’ve heard of Pulphouse and want to try it, head over and spend $5. You’ll get all kinds of fun things.

Those of you who have backed us, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

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