Fifth Stretch Goal Unlocked

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Wow! With 44 hours left to go on the Pulphouse Magazine Subscription Kickstarter, we’ve hit five of six stretch goals. The fifth got unlocked less than an hour ago. That means backers at the $5 and above will get stretch items worth $450.

Thank you, backers!!! Thank you so much!!!

What this means for the backers is this: Even if they just wanted a single issue sample of Pulphouse, they’re getting an extra issue, five anthologies, a lecture, an online workshop, and a lecture bundle. So, lots of reading and lots of learning for a very small investment. Or a larger one, since there are many cool backer rewards for backers of all levels.

That’s the pitch for those of you who haven’t backed. Check it out here.

For those of you who have, we are so very grateful! Thank you!

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