The Latest Diving Novel Just Appeared!

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And the best thing about The Renegat, at least for new readers, is that it stands alone. You can enter the series with this book. It’s an sf adventure. Parts of the novel have already been nominated for awards. (If you want to read one of those, click on yesterday’s Free Fiction Monday story, “Joyride.”)

You can get The Renegat in ebook, trade paper, hardcover, and limited edition hardcover. There will be an audio version, but I’m not sure what the publication date will be. Sometime this fall.

Here’s all the information on the limited edition:

And here’s information on the book itself, along with a place to order the ebook, trade paper, or hardcover:

I hope you give the series a try. And if you already like the series, then what are you waiting for? An adventure awaits!

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