The Second New Kristine Grayson Novel of 2019

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Apparently 2019 is the year of Kristine Grayson. We rebranded all of the Grayson novels, published three omnibuses (omnibi?), and in June, published the first new Kristine Grayson full-length novel in years.

I have published other Kristine Grayson novellas during those years, all in the Santa Series. (Yes, Santa’s real. Duh.) So, as I put together a big holiday project, I decided to write a Kristine Grayson novella to go with it. Only my muse had other ideas.

She wanted to write another Kristine Grayson novel, one I’ve had in mind since the 1980s. (Yes, really.) Here’s the quickie and non-official blurb I wrote about it for the Grayson newsletter which went out this week:

Dallas Demaris unites magic with technology. She specializes in computers. But when her company orders her to go to the North Pole to help Claus & Company fix their outmoded computer system, she goes reluctantly. She hates how Santa runs his business, and she tells everyone, including Lothario Johanssen, the handsome man who invented the machine that runs the North Pole. The machine that works poorly. The machine Dallas must fix before December…or else.

Right now, you can get the ebook of the new book, Tidings of Comfort and Joy, as part of the WMG Holiday Spectacular 2019 Kickstarter. Every single reward above the $5 will include the novel.

The holiday spectacular is pretty spectacular. If you back at the $20 level, you will get our Calendar of Stories—one short story every day for 35 days, in the ebook format of your choice. And you’ll get this Santa Series novel. And, if we hit at least one stretch goal, you’ll get so much more. Click here for more information.

If you’re not a Kickstarter fan and still want to back the project, then do this: Simply send the amount of any reward to Paypal at the email account, and then put in the note of the payment what reward you would like to take. Dean will let you know we got the payment and WMG has recorded it.

And if you just want Tidings of Comfort and Joy from your favorite retailer, without going through Kickstarter or through us, then wait until December 1 or so. I’ll let you know when the book (both ebook and paper) will be available from all the usual suspects.

I do hope you’ll back the Kickstarter, though, because the more support we get, the more likely we are to do the holiday spectacular next year. I had such fun on this project that I want to do it again. (And again. And again!) Thanks!

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