Saving The World and Historical Mysteries, and A Plethora of Writing Tips

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I love having an excuse to use the word “plethora.” And really, I need it here.

I’ve been busy with the Business Master Class, then trying to catch up on a lot of work, not to mention a bit of exhaustion from the schedule. (Yes, you Writing With Chronic Illness readers, you know what I’m talking about.) So, with all of that, I’ve been remiss in letting you know about all the Storybundles that I am attached to. They bundled up (pun intended) in November, because I wasn’t paying attention to dates when I said, “Sure! Use this book!”

Here’s the thing: Storybundles are time-limited bargains, in which you can get at least 4 ebooks (and sometimes more) for $5, and many more ebooks for $15. If you’re feeling generous, you can designate some of those dollars (or add some) for the charity attached to the storybundle. You can also give the bundles as gifts. The bundles usually run for three weeks.

The three bundles I’m in have overlapped. So, I’m going to tell you about them in deadline order. In other words, if you want one of the bundles, you’ll only have so many days to get that bundle. And I’m going to tell you the ones with the shortest deadline first.

Less Than Four Days

Dean curated this bundle, with a lot of really strong writers. The unifying idea behind the bundle is that the world gets saved in each of these ebooks. And consider the depressing news of late, reading about worlds getting saved is uplifting. Four books in the bundle—by four of my favorite writers—are exclusive. Meaning you can’t get them anywhere else. Lisa Silverthorne, Robert Jeschonek, Mark Leslie, and Louisa Swann contributed the exclusive books. I have no idea if you’ll be able to get these books after the bundle, but right now, you can’t get them anywhere else.

J.F. Penn and Robert McCarter, good writers both, also have books in this bundle. I’ve read and enjoyed Ron Collins’s novel, Dean’s Taft Ranch, and of course, the Fiction River that served as the basis for this bundle. The book I have in the bundle is part of my Diving universe, Searching For The Fleet. So if you want to sample Diving, here’s how to do it.

If you want to find out more about the books in the bundle, click here. There’s descriptions of all of the books, as well as excerpts and more.

Less Than 18 Days



I curated this bundle, and I had a blast. I love the writers in this bundle, and I love historical mysteries. The books cover everything from World War II to the Old West to the 1960s.

This bundle has two exclusives—one from Dayle A. Dermatis and one from Annie Reed. Annie’s stories cover many historical periods, and Dayle’s cover the Italian Renaissance.

There are two short story anthologies—Quoth The Raven and Fiction River: Past Crime (which I edited). And then there are novels, short and long. One of my favorite of Dean’s books, The Idanha Hotel, is in this bundle, as well as one of my Kris Nelscott books. Good writers here, including J. Steven York (who just had a story chosen as one of the best of the year), Chrissy Wissler, Sharon Rowse, Joslyn Chase, and Rebecca Cantrell. (I asked Rebecca first, because I love her pre-world war II series that explores crimes in Nazi Germany.)

If you like crime stories and mysteries as much as I do, this is the bundle for you. You have a little less than three weeks to get these books, including the two brand-new exclusives. Click here to find out more information.


Less Than 18 Days


Yeah, you read that right. This bundle ends on the same day—at the same time!—as the Historical Mystery Bundle.

This one is for all you writers, or those of you who want to give your favorite writer a gift. (Yes, it’s that time of year.) Fifteen different tools to improve your writing, from Dayle A. Dermatis’s Researching History for Fantasy Writers, to Lyn Worthen’s fun How I Got Published. You’ll find advice on how to write in short snatches of time (The Coffee Break Novelist) and how to a lot of words on the page (5,000 Words Per Hour). There are a lot of books on writing here. And a lecture from WMG Publishing that is worth $50 all by itself, and a discount on Jutoh which will help writers self-publish.

Lots of great stuff here. So if you know writers who are working hard for NaNoWriMo or just in general. Or if you are that writer, then this bundle is for you. Click here for more information.

So…if you get all 3 bundles, you’ll get 34 books, and two special items on writing. Remember, all of these bundles can be given as gifts. Storybundle will work with you to make sure the gifts get to your friends at the right time.

Lots and lots and lots of good information here. Even more wonderful reads. I guess this week is bundle week…but only if you hurry! Just go to, and find all sorts of great ebooks.

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