The Holiday Spectacular Launches in Less Than A Week

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The test emails just went out for the WMG Holiday Spectacular. We’re making sure that everything works before the first original story arrives in subscribers’ email on Thursday the 28th.

You still have time to join us on the wonderful holiday adventure. 35 holiday stories in 35 days. The stories cover several winter holidays, as well as at least three genres. There are happily ever afters, happily for nows, some aaaaaaah sweet stories, and a few dark ones. All are non-religious, and all celebrate the season in one way or another.

So if you would like some marvelous reading to help you relax after a long day of holiday festivities…or if you’re unable to participate in holiday festivities, but want a bit of the holiday…or if reading comprises your entire holiday, get the WMG Holiday Spectacular.

I love every story in it, and I think you’ll enjoy them as well.

5 thoughts on “The Holiday Spectacular Launches in Less Than A Week

  1. Okay. I just signed up and I’m awaiting a confirmation email. I really hope it will be easy to download the stories onto my Kindle. In proper tech-speak, I’m a dinosaur. Other than that, I’m looking forward to my chosen Christmas Present. 🙂

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