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Okay, okay, I know. It’s the Year of the Rat. But for me and Dean (and Gavin and Cheeps), it is the Year of the Cat. Dean and I are running a Kickstarter right now, because of an idea I had. Yes, another crazy Rusch idea.

I’ve been wanting to edit 100 cat stories. I wanted to do it in one volume, but Allyson Longueira of WMG Publishing…um…kiboshed that rather forcefully. I mentioned the idea in passing to Dean, who immediately had a list of stories a mile long, and then suggested the Kickstarter.

In January, Kickstarter has a Make 100 series that it promotes. Dean realized this idea fit. And so, The Year of The Cat was born.

Honestly, I can’t wait to edit these books. We will take suggestions from readers, so we don’t miss some great stories. And we’ll also bring in some of our own favorites.

Even if you don’t support Kickstarters, watch the video. Gwyneth Gibby of WMG Publishing had a lot of fun with it. She’s a cat person, as you can probably tell.

Oh, and we have hit our original goal, thanks to early supporters. Now, we’re moving on to the stretch goals. If you back us now, you will definitely get something fun, and maybe lots of somethings fun. Click here to join us.

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