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About a week ago, I got cheeky on Facebook, and said that figured the slogan for 2020 was What Fresh Hell Is This? (Hat-tip to Dorothy Parker, for memorializing a phrase that came into vogue…in the 1920s.) Every day of 2020 has brought something new and world-altering, from the coronavirus to Brexit to all the stuff happening in the U.S. to…well, I’m sure there’s something going on in your country or your region that has you a bit on edge as well.

Sometimes the present is like that. And often that means we despair for the future. But the future comes no matter what. Science fiction has always looked toward the future with optimism. Before you eat me alive for that statement, let me point out the front part of the sentence. Science fiction has always looked toward the future… Sometimes, just believing that there is a future is optimistic.

We’ve gone through a number of those bleak moments just in my lifetime. And I’m sure we’ll have more. But I love science fiction and the fact that it examines futures, near and far.

So, with that in mind, take a look at this Storybundle Dean Wesley Smith curated. It has ten different visions of the future. Actually, it has more, because one of the books in the bundle is an anthology and another is a collection of (wild) stories.

In this bundle, you’ll find many of my favorite writers, as well as a novel from me. You’ll also find three exclusives, books you can’t get anywhere but Storybundle.

So check out this link. You can download all ten ebooks and give to AbleGamers, the charity that helps people with disabilities join the online gaming world (for some much needed hope and interaction).


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  1. Got it two days ago and looking forward to reading all of the titles, especially yours and Dean’s.

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