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Yes, as you can tell from the title of this, I’m stressed, busy, and a bit punch-drunk, without having any punch or alcohol. I’m running around like a chicken, trying to finish things before the Anthology Workshop starts on Friday. And then, I woke up this morning and realized (thanks to a kind DJ on the radio) that today is February 18. Which is…

Release Day for Escaping Amnthra! That’s the Diving Universe novella I had to pull out of the Renegat, because I couldn’t make it fit into the book. But if you’ve read the book, then you’ll want to read this. It explains a few things. And if you haven’t read the book, the novella is a great introduction to the entire Diving Universe. If you like the novella, you’ll like the other books in the series…including the one(s) I’m working on

You can get Escaping Amnthra in any book format you choose. Click on this link to see all of your choices, and to read a bit about the book.

The other reason I’m a bit shocked that it’s February 18 is that means tomorrow is February 19, which marks the end of our Year of The Cat Kickstarter. I have to say, when we fired up that Kickstarter, I thought February 19 was a long ways away. But it’s here already. Which seems to be my entire experience of 2020, to be frank.

Anyway, the Kickstarter has been going extremely well. Apparently more than 100 people want to get a different cat anthology every month for a year. And I must admit, I’m super excited about editing this with Dean. We’ll have a blast.

As of this writing, we’ve hit three stretch goals, which means anyone who backs over the $5 will get an additional anthology, Fiction River Presents: Cats (edited by me!), a cat novel in Dean’s popular Cold Poker Gang series (Ring Game), and a collection of my popular Winston & Ruby short stories, Familiarity. You will also get a $50 online writing lecture from WMG. Not bad for $5 or more. (If you do more, you get all 12 anthologies.) And, if we hit the next stretch goal before the Kickstarter ends, backers over $5 will get my Kristine Grayson novel, Simply Irresistible, featuring kitten superhero Dexter Grant, and an online writing workshop worth $150.

So if you haven’t backed, head over. If you have, get your friends to back within the next day. Thanks!

But wait, there’s more! (Okay, I sound like one of those TV hucksters now.)

For the next 9 days, you can get the Visions of the Future Storybundle, which includes 10 ebooks (including one of mine as well as four Storybundle exclusives). So if you want to leave the present (and really, today, February 18, as the news gushes forth nonstop, who doesn’t?), then pick up some wonderful reading for as little as $15 and give to AbleGamers charity at the same time.

In other news…well, the Anthology Workshop begins Friday, so I’ll be hard to reach for a few days. So, while you’re enjoying reading the Storybundle books and Escaping Amnthra, I’ll be talking about fiction, and preparing the next Holiday Spectacular. (The first one went really well.)

Thanks for your time and attention. Now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Um, website. Um, I think I’ll just sign off now…


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  1. Funds are tight for me, but I’ve put Escaping Amnathra on my Amazon.com shopping list for when I can buy myself a treat, and I’ll be blogging about it in the next few days.

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