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The response Dean and I got to the half-price workshop sale was overwhelming. We’re finding that people are either too busy to think in the middle of this stay-at-home time or they’re looking for something to distract them. Lots of writers are watching study videos, but they’re also reading and working on craft.
Our WMG writing books focus on all aspects of craft and business. It’ll take some work and employee time to put them into bundles, which is why we’re doing a Kickstarter on them. But then writers can have the bundles to study, along with any workshops they might have already gotten.
There are also lectures and workshops in the Kickstarter. So check it out. It’s a two-week Kickstarter, so you’d start getting your rewards in May.
I hope this finds you all healthy and well and writing. We’re fine here. We have our cats and each other and much sunshine, which is really helpful.

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