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Just a quick reminder that there are only two days left on the Diving Kickstarter. We’ve hit five of six stretch goals, which means there’s a lot that writers can get here for a minimum $5 investment.
We hit 5 of 6 stretch goals so far. What this means is that everyone who backs the Kickstarter at $5 or above will get this:
•The new Boss Diving novel in ebook well before the official publication date.
•3 novellas in ebook, including a new Diving novella
•1 additional sf novel of mine
•An anthology of space opera stories that I edited
•A Zoom background featuring Diving art
•3 popup writing workshops (online) to keep or give to a friend (each valued at $150)
That’s right. You get $450 in value for the workshops alone at the $5 level, plus the books. So at least $500 in value here.
I know many of you haven’t tried the Diving universe, but we have you covered on that. Scroll through the Kickstarter and find the link to the award-winning novella that started it all. You can get that free right now, and have something to read tonight, whether you invest in the Kickstarter or not.
Then explore the Kickstarter. You’ll find a lot of entertainment here, from the entire Diving saga to some Retrieval Artist books to the new Diving game. You can add on any of the items as individual rewards to the reward you choose, so you can customize the whole thing.
I know a lot of you are struggling right now, which is why I’m pointing out how many things you can get for just $5 — or, in the case of the first novella, for free.
Thank you all for supporting me and my work. Thanks too for taking a peek at the Kickstarter. It means a lot.

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