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I get busy, and I forget to update you folks, and then all of the news piles up into a big…news pile. (Okay, you know what I mean.)

Let’s go by deadline.

First, WMG Publishing is holding a half-off online workshops sale. We did this when COVID started to encourage people to stay in and learn. We hoped it would be a one-shot. It wasn’t. And here we are, in September, with the U.S. leading the world in cases and deaths (!) and France’s numbers going up, and Spain’s numbers going up…and really, the sane thing is for all of us to stay home (much as we hate it) and wear our masks when we’re out and just take care of ourselves until we get a vaccine, whenever that will be. Oh—wash our hands! (and if you weren’t doing that already, then, ick.)

So we’re doing another half-off sale to encourage you writers to stay in, learn about writing and publishing, and write and publish more while you have the time. Here’s the link to a possible curriculum and the code to get your workshops half off:

Then…if you’re one of the people who backed the Diving Kickstarter, thank you! You should have gotten your survey already. If you haven’t, let me or Dean know or check what email address you gave Kickstarter. (Or look in your spam.

For the first time, we contracted with a service called Crowd Ox to do fulfillment, and one of the features they added is a late-backer option for the Kickstarter. Which means…if you missed the Kickstarter entirely or forgot you were going to back it or were going to look at it later, but later passed you by, you can still get all of the Kickstarter deals and goodies by going to this link.

Diving fans! The new novella, “Maelstrom,” has just appeared in Asimov’s. Yes, if you backed the Kickstarter, you will get an ebook copy of this…in 2021 (after Asimov’s no longer has an exclusive). But I urge you to get Asimov’s anyway, because there are so many good stories in this issue. I’m quite proud to be included with these amazing writers.

Some of you aren’t Kickstarter people and are Diving fans, and I urge you to get your copy of Asimov’s as well. In fact, you should subscribe. It’s a wonderful magazine. Here’s the link to the current issue:

And…I have three more stories that just got released into the wild. You’ll find the first in Fiction River: Stolen edited by Leah Cutter. I wrote a delightfully short mystery whose twisty-ness pleased me. I hope you like it as well. Get your copy here:

I missed an earlier Fiction River publication. Doorways to Enchantment is a marvelous fantasy edition edited by Dayle A. Dermatis. She managed to find all kinds of portal fantasies, including one of mine. Find out more here:

Finally, I have a…well…strange story in Face The Strange edited by Ron and Brigid Collins. Lots of wonderful writers in both Face The Strange and in Stolen. I think you’ll like what you see. Here’s a link to get your copy of Face The Strange:


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